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GAIKA brings the darkness once again, with the pulsating "Heco"

Remember last week when we brought to you that mysterious new artist called GAIKA? You know, the one who's dark and murky sound was infectious, and the video was downright terrifying? Well the Manchester residing multi talented artist and forerunner of the 'grey' sound is back once again, and this time he's brought us an even dark, more barbaric anthem for us to sink our teeth into, and it's clear to see that he's going all out to show the world that his sound can resonate amongst us.

Following on from "Blasphemer", which was a gloomy autotuned banger in it's own right, we've been treated to the incredible new single "Heco", taken from his forthcoming debut project Machine, which serves as even more proof that GAIKA is a name that everyone should become familiar with. Produced by Acropolis Sound, the talented duo from Manchester who we have featured here before on EARMILK, "Heco" is another dark anthem, this time with a pumping, almost marching-like beat that instantly gets you nodding your head. GAIKA comes through with auto-tuned vocals, used creatively giving an eerie feel to the track and lyrically his words serve as a sermon, read out by a preacher, and a hook that's so anthemic it'll get stuck in your head guaranteed.

You can stream the incredibly hard "Heco" above, and be sure to keep your eyes and ears locked onto EARMILK for the latest from GAIKA and Acropolis Sound, including GAIKA's highly anticipated debut project Machine, which is set to drop on November 16th.

Alternative · Bass · Dancehall · Electronic


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