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Le Flex puts a new spin on Césare's "Want You" (feat. River) [Premiere]

Though we've been posting on Césare for some time now, we might not have disclosed his full bio properly. The man who's been remixing and moving originals on Kitsune was a professional soccer player - a midfielder at that - who made a career change after retiring from the game to become a producer. With Ipanema as his muse, he's developed a unique chilled out nu disco style whose vintage sound is quite versatile. His latest, "Want You" features Rivers on vocals, and has seen such success that his Parisian friends at Kitsune will release a remix EP for the single tomorrow. 
Alongside remixes from Ekkah and Vanbot, the London/Paris-based producer Le Flex has taken on "Want You." And with that, he's delivered smooth, sultry and soft synth pop, making us excited for the next time we can get to a beach and have someone deliver us a drink.

'Want You' EP Tracklisting

1. Want you feat River
2. Want you feat River (Ekkah remix)
3. Want you feat River (Le Flex remix)
4. Want you feat River (Vanbot remix)


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