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Martin Jensen transforms "Duck Army" into chill house "Miracles" [Premiere]

Danish DJ and producer Martin Jensen has been dubbed a viral sensation” whose success is supported by his unique, modern way of releasing music. Using snippets from YouTube in his music, he’s evolved standard sampling into an internet age way of producing music. His first single used a vocal sample from global soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo, landing “Si” huge numbers on Spotify for its quirky construction, and putting Jensen’s name on many new musical radars. On his latest, “Miracles,” he’s done just that again, taking the virally beloved “Duck Army” and sampling it, transforming it into a full on song.

"Miracles" is a huge departure from Jensen's attention-grabbing first single. Here he's capitalized on the trend in chill, summery house, and proved that his musical ear is developed like his ability to spot an opportunity. The track is infectious, and after celebrating 1 million Facebook likes, Jensen will release the track via disco:wax. Check it out below.

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