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Ofelia K. gears up for solo EP with final single "Hawk Fly Tiger Run"

Ofelia K. has unveiled the fourth and final song off her solo EP. The singer and songwriter graces the internet with another vocal stunner, calling it "Hawk Fly Tiger Run". A very chilled out and mellow tune, a mix of blues, pop, and subtle melodies, this one is for those looking for something a little more low key.

Ofelia remarks, "HFTR was one of the first songs I made for my EP and it felt like a real turning point musically. It’s always hard for me to describe this song to people…I know there’s a lot going on - Prince funk grooves, banjo twangs, playful guitars and deliberate pop programming, but the song really feels like me and it helped map the course of the rest of the EP." - 

Plastic Flower is available this friday via South by Sea. 

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