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Premiere: Beach Jesus enlist the help of Lasko & Elias Abid on "Aloe BB"

Beach Jesus, the Chicago quartet, have returned with a brand new single for fans to enjoy. This time Chandler London, Jommis, JAROFMY, and SEER decided to add Lasko and Elias Abid to the mix to create a fully formed "Aloe BB."

Unlike their previously reviewed EP, Two Week Vacation, "Aloe BB" leans heavily on the dance and electronica side of the field. The group has steadily been moving away from the brooding darkness that was a mainstay in their original work. However, one should not go into this song thinking that it will be a face melting rager, but rather a tastefully done groove track.

Jommis and Chandler London's vocals are once again utilized well. "Aloe BB" gains a lot from the softness of the two singers' delivery and their beautiful rifts. JAROFMY, Lasko, and Elias Abid created an catchy tune that gave the vocalist a lot to work around. The entire vibe of the record feels like something straight out of 70's variety show, possibly even Soul Train. You should definitely give it a listen and check out more of Beach Jesus' music. 


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