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Kamandi prepares to "Burn Them Down" on upcoming 'Sicklove Paradise' EP [Download]

Like many producers, New Zealand's Kamandi has built his name with strong singles and through collaborations with artists like Azizi Gibson.  Now he's set to give us his first proper release, the Sicklove Paradise EP, next month.  His moody hip-hop beats have a tendency to simmer slowly before boiling over, and first single "Burn Them Down" is no exception; in fact it feels like a powerful mission statement.  As the EP's title suggests, all is not well in Kamandi's "paradise," and the somber tone and distorted vocals of "Burn Them Down" feel like a club scene filtered through a lens of heartbreak and depression, before emotions erupt with an onslaught of ferocious guitar in the final minute.

As Kamandi puts it: "this is what my blues sound like."  Stream "Burn Them Down" below and head to Kamandi's Soundcloud for a free download.

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