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Den Sorte Skole make an album with 10,000 samples [Video Premiere]

What happens when you make a an album containing 10,000 samples and better yet what happens when you make history. Well sample wizards Den Sorte Skole have the answers for us, as they once again prove their genius with their latest release. Their lead single "Heli Yosa" is diverse to say the least, made from from an colossal amount of samples lifted off more than 25 old vinyl records from 13 different countries and six continents between 1956-1996. Today we have the first look at their visual counterpart for the single which matches nicely to the strong cultural influence of the single. The group remarks "Our music carries a strong political message, advocating for a shared multi-cultural future and against xenophobia, ethnocentrism, closed borders and an out-dated copyright-system and Claes’ video has encapsulated some of these thoughts very well. The way he plays with stereotypes, from the Zulu-king to the white colonial globe-trotter, the many different cross-cultural scenarios and the burning waters that for us symbolizing the frontier-death zone that the Mediterranean Sea around Europe has come to be.” 

Go ahead and watch below. 

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