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Jackson Breit teams up with Cadence & Cause for charity

In partnership with Denver-based charity Cadence & Cause, singer Jackson Breit has put out his latest single "Wouldn't Change A Thing" that will donate all proceeds towards the National Autism Association to help raise money for families with autistic children. When asked about why he chose this cause, Jackson remarks, ”Growing up, I worked as a counselor for Camp Gonnawannagoagain, a summer camp for autistic children. Working at the camp helped me appreciate the struggles of families raising autistic children. I hope I can make a small impact by helping those families.”

Now if that doesn't have you instantly clicking the play & buy button, maybe my promise that his sweet vocals will have you hooked. Instantly catchy from the first push of play, his music flows naturally and effortlessly for a classic feel-good anthem. Go ahead and do something good today, but clicking below and be sure to support Cadence & Cause

The single comes fresh off Jackson Breit’s Shades of Marmalade EP is due out later on this year. 


Alternative · Blues · Indie · Soul


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