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Dilon Francis debuts primal video for "Bun Up The Dance" with Skrillex

Over the past year, DJ and producer Dillon Francis has gone from being famous to dance music superstar. He's a king of social media, using his Snapchat and Instagram accounts to sweep up new fans and maintain close relationships with existing ones. His sense of humor is the big attraction, and his awareness of the dance music industry and ability to not take himself seriously have allowed him to stay both respected and on the radio at the same time. His latest release This Mixtape Is Fire. is a perfect example of that, where wit and irony paired with impressive new music inspired by moombahton and hip hop landed him a #1 record. 

His track with Skrillex, another superstar, "Bun Up The Dance," is almost everywhere right now. It's on TV and in commercials, and now has a matching video to beat. The video is extremely stylized, with an eccentric, organic storyline that shows an almost primal effect of music and dancing. It feels like it's in perfect time for Halloween, and the release of Fancis's own zombie apocalypse movie and the revival of "Dead Dillon." Check it out below. 


Dance · Moombahton


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