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ILOVEMAKONNEN dedicates latest song to Atlanta great "Big Gucci"

It's October 17th, which to many rap fans is a day of celebration. Even though Gucci Mane is currently incarcerated, his affect and influence still penetrate all aspects of the Atlanta scene, and implicitly throughout hip-hop at large. 1017 is the name of the Guwop's record label, which is home to a number of famous trap stars, including Waka Flocka Flame and Chief Keef. The importance of Gucci Mane La Flare and his unrelenting work ethic cannot be understated; so do not be surprised when you scroll through your timeline and see hundreds of dedications to the Icy one. 

ILOVEMAKONNEN, like many of his fellow Atlanta peers, owes a lot to the network and sound that Gucci Mane championed. Today, he decided to let his feelings towards the incarcerated rapper show, with the release of "Big Gucci." After listening to this track, you should come away knowing one thing: Makonnen and his cohorts are still trapping. If for some reason you were deluded into thinking that Gucci's absence meant the machine was going to slow down or stop moving altogether, you were wrong. However, they are still pushing for his freedom and cannot wait to see him outside those federal walls. Makonnen makes this abundantly clear in his signature catchy hook. 

Richie Souf continues to impress. He has shown himself to be quite versatile, producing both bangers and slower melodic,pseudo R&B tracks as of late.  This time he goes with the former style, in what can only be described as a full attempt to assault your eardrums with bass. His synthesizers just nonchalantly hover above the marauding low end; it creates a natural contrast that Makonnen can fit his unorthodox flow into. 

At the end of the day, Free Gucci. In the meantime, check out "Big Gucci" above. ILOVEMAKONNEN and Richie Souf made a song that is not only timely, but an enjoyable listen.

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Taking the ovevriew, this post hits the spot