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Become familiar with the Beats 1 approved duo THEY. and their "Nü Religion" EP

Mind of A Genius has proven itself to be one of the most important and forward-thinking names in the independent music scene with it's sparse roster of superstar quality talent, which of recent only consisted of production wunderkind Zhu and soul golden-child Gallant.

 Today the revered label has announced it's most recent signing, a Los Angeles based production-singer duo that goes by the name of THEY.  The group's members, Dante and Drew, met in LA and quickly bonded over a shared appreciation of the angsty vocal qualities of Taking Back Sunday, the simple complexity of Kurt Cobain's songwriting, and a mutual respect of 80's mainstays New Edition & Babyface. The outcome of these diverse influences is the Nü Religion EP, the first of a three part EP series that premiered on Ebro Darden's Beats 1 radio show where the host proclaimed the group to be "the crew you need to know and invest time in." Check out the EP below !



Dark Pop · R&B


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