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Loveskills announces new mixtape and shares remix of Trey Songz "Slow Motion"

Brooklyn based artist, Loveskills, is a triple treat. A producer, artist, and songwriter he's got a lot to boast about these days, including the release of his digital AND cassette mixtape SYNS.  Today we have the first listen to his remix of Trey Songz singe "Slow Motion", which will be appearing on his SYNS mixtape. Loveskills let's us know, that hechose the tune because i've been a fan of Trey Songz for several years now and thought the track was amazing. [I] love that the lyrics  are  about rhythm and the difference between half time and double time, musically that's where I live, I added my own take on the tonality by making it  less dramatic & player'ey, a little bit cuter i suppose?  I was also jokingly trying to create an imaginary genre called corporate - "house or condo" - house which i would assume had slower tempos."

Have youself a first listen here and be on the lookout for the mixtape that will only see a limited run online. Enjoy! 

Electronic · R&B


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