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Goldin releases "Sandy Speaks" [Video]

A regular on the RVA hip-hop scene, Goldin, returns with "Sandy Speaks" .  The track, which acts as a tribute to the life of Sandra Bland, comes at a very relevant time with Million Man March rallying on the National Mall in D.C. this Saturday. It almost goes without saying, but 2015 has been very depressing in regards to rampant police harassment, brutality and the lives that were cost. There hasn't been a millennial year so indicative of the fruition garnered by the Civil Rights era of the 60's. Whether or not you believe the things you saw this year was flat out genocide or the media just trying to rile up a "race war", the real question you have to ask yourself is "How far has America come?".

While Sandra Bland's life acted as a catalyst of inspiration for this track, Goldin touches on this and the decaying awareness of young Black Americans nationwide. With a little more articulation and the same sense of urgency, the rapper delivers the ongoing message that Spike Lee conveyed through Dap, played by Larry Fishburne, on his film School Daze - Wake up.

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Bri Christian
Bri Christian
5 years ago

Gotta love my baby love Tamar & this new single though #spicy #braxton http://spoti.fi/1JdhA6p