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Cozmost gets extra ironic on "Hipster Hop" [Video]

Editor's Note: We thought this video was cool before it was cool to think it was cool.

San Francisco emcee Cozmost recently dropped the Ted Maider-directed visuals for "Hipster Hop," his quirky and clever jab at the techie/hipster culture invading metropolitan areas across the United States. And while the track addresses issues like gentrification and white privilege, it's more of a lighthearted roast than an indictment against handlebar mustaches or thinly sliced artisanal cheese.

There is no shortage of hipster-isms on this cut -- from the gluten-free epidemic to opening "a boutique called 'Unique'" -- but Cozmost's flow and songwriting prowess are just as polished as his impeccable research skills. The funky, backpacky production is also a fitting backdrop for his flurry of ironically ironic ironies. 

Next up for Cozmost is Cozmopolitan, his upcoming project that's due later this month. Just make sure you check it out before it gets all trendy and stuff.

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5 years ago

@blncdbrkfst we're glad #cozmost is speaking to some truths in #SF