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French Horn Rebellion gets "Classical Baby" with a new single and EP [Premiere]

Brooklyn-based brother duo French Horn Rebellion has a knack for making these quirky disco-inspired tracks that make you want to let loose and just have fun. Gearing up for their new Foolin’ Around EP, Robert and David Perlick-Molinari are back with the first single called “Classical Baby.” The whole EP is super funky, but there’s something about the glittering synths, and rich, groovy bassline that speak to me. Or perhaps the fleeting melodies and harmonies did the trick.

Whatever it is that makes “Classical Baby” so catchy and infectious simply put sounds like a good time on the dancefloor. Look for it to be released along with the full Foolin’ Around EP on November 6th via Ensemble Records.


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inge colsen
5 years ago

@frenchhornrebel #tuune <3