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Andrew Bayer returns with tour and "Nobody Told Me"

2015 has seen big things from Andrew Bayer. The American producer debuted his DJ skills on his first, two-part headlining tour, and he released the cinematic, multidimensional Do Androids Dream EP to support that tour. And it seems that first go-round resonated well with this past week's announcement of another similar big push for his latest release and corresponding tour.

"Nobody Told Me" was debuted on the worldwide stage of the ABGT 150 in Sydney, Australia, and will be a part of a larger project, The Anamnesis Trilogy. If you're wondering what "Anamnesis" refers to, it is, as many of Bayer's releases, a historical reference - to one of Plato's philosophical theories. As the first single of the trilogy, "Nobody Told Me" is a gorgeous look into trance with retro house and progressive elements, tied together in an uplifting an ebbing and flowing masterpiece of a movement.

On the project as a whole, Bayer explains:

"The Anamnesis Trilogy is all about reviving, reinterpreting and reimagining what I feel are classic - and lost - messages and motifs in trance and progressive. In this EDM-era, big room music has become obsessed with high impact, instant gratification and, to be honest, absolutely uninspiring and boring arrangements. I was listening back over my favourite trance and progressive records, and remembering when dance music was about a sense of journey and progression. Records where there was more than just a breakdown and Bro-DM drops... records where you sometimes moved across what felt like three different - and equally mind-expanding - records just to get the REAL moment in the track. The three records in the Anamnesis Trilogy are all inspired by this sensibility and era, but 2015 Bayer style." 

For more on the tour, click here.

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Connect with Andrew Bayer:

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