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Kero Uno presents a thrilling visual for "Princess Diamond" featuring Kelsey Bulkin [Video]

Kero Uno (formally known as Kero One) has been pretty well-known figure within the West Coast underground hip-hop scene since he released his critically acclaimed jazz inspired debut album Windmills Of The Soul back in  2005. In the time since, the producer/MC has put out 4 albums and has relocated from his native San Francisco to breezy Los Angeles, where he has taken on a new alias and a much more production based, electronic inspired sound.

The first single off of his newest project, the Reflection Eternal LP, is entitled "Princess Diamond" and features singing by Kelsey Bulkin of Made in Heights. Today the producer has decided to release the stunning Jay Ahn directed visual for the single, starring two beautiful female leads as they paint the town red on a treacherous crime spree. Watch the visual below and make sure to check out Kero Uno's Reflection Eternal EP when it is released in winter 2015 on his very own Plug Label!

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