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Worker/Parasite returns to Classicworks with another acid trip on 'Depth Charge'

Back for a second time on Barcelona-based imprint, Classicworks, is Oakland-based producer Worker/Parasite. Ben Versluis is a machine loving techno head who has made a name for himself conducting impressive live PA performances and demonstrating a vast knowledge around his analog machines via productions alike. Earlier this year he made his debut on Cardopusher and Nehuen's Classicworks label with Exchange Value and denoted skillful renditions of acid-tinged tracks that avoided triteness at all cost. Now he's back with Depth Charge and we see Versluis stretching out his love for rigid acid provisions a bit further. 

Depth Charge is made up of 5 tracks that engage in a bleak realm of analog arrangements produced from a no-edit jam session that was immediately recorded onto tape. This past-time process of recording explains both the rigidity and nostalgic awakenings the audience gets upon first listen. "Alam al-Mithal" gets down in classic 80's acid style with a cosmic span and "LBD-1 Tool" brings things back down with a solid, grounded drum performance.  "Bene Gesserit" is a marriage between the two aforementioned tracks; add raw claps to the mix and you've got yourself a warehouse charger. 

In the last two tracks, Versluis goes all out with his drum machines and sets the dry level up on "Crysknife" and "Distortx0x". You might want to watch your volume levels on these two especially, as Versluis quite literally goes to work sounding off just the right amount of distorted textures that'll take you back a few decades with its ruff edges.




Acid · Electronic · Techno


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@WorkerParasite1 thanks for the review!