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A look back at Richy Ahmed's return to Canada. One day, two cities. [Event Review]

The summer has been more than amazing for Richy Ahmed as he continues to solidify his position as a house and techno power house. With a residency at Jamie Jones’ Paradise in ibiza at DC10, a big release on the historic house music label Strictly Rhythm, and touring all over the world, Richy Ahmed was a busy man this summer. We were lucky enough to follow him on his long awaited return to Canada from Toronto to Montreal and find out what all the buzz is really about.

Richy made his first stop in Toronto during the day at the legendary Sunnyside Pavilion where he played alongside Audiofly, Sean Miller, and a number of other locals. We arrived just as Richy hit the decks and the party was already in full swing. With an earlier set time the crowd rightfully came early and did not let up, allowing Richy to play his signature tech sound to appreciative ears. It's known that Toronto has a potentially unhealthy obsession with tech house and he played into that perfectly. With a nighttime affair at the legendary dark room of Stereo he held nothing back for either set.






Leaving right from Sunnyside to the airport, Montreal was expecting Richy to play a late night set at the acclaimed after hours spot Stereo. Priming the floor to the early hours of the morning was Paolo Rocco, a highly technical tech house DJ hailing from Montreal. Starting the floor off from opening and playing up until Richy came on, Paolo was the perfect person to get the party started as the club filled and the floor grew more and more anxious. Dropping bombs such as Percussions’ ‘KHLHI’ the partygoers were in good hands as the dancers continued to erupt with every new selection.

As Richy came to the decks to relieve Paolo of an unforgettable DJ set, his signature sound was the perfect fit to carry forward the club till the sun came up. He dropped all of his hits including the brand new edit on Strictly Rhythm, "The Warning". As a DJ that’s known for playing warm basslines peppered with 808 drums and raw synth leads, Richy is a master of his craft and will only continue to get better. Packed with his own weapons as well as other gems that are tough to find, we understand now why dance floors across the globe are holding Richy to a high standard. Thanks for the incredible day!

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