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Walter Ego has us wishing "The Prom" sounded this good

We're not sure how your prom went, but it probably didn't sound anything remotely like Walter Ego's "The Prom." Considering my prom was half drunk suburban kids yelling "to the window to the wall," whatever type of prom Walter Ego is alluding to sounds much more intriguing. 

The track itself is dark and emotionally captivating, even while maintaining a minimal attitude. It's mature, sexy, and the type of thing that would be playing in the coolest clubs in town. 

"The Prom" is a part of Walter Ego's upcoming EP, and considering Clash Music, XLR8R, and Annie Mac have premiered tracks from it, this is definitely not an EP you want to miss. Check out "The Prom" below, and will be out via Bad Taste Records on September 25th


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