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The Night Café's "Addicted" is a nice little rock-driven number about love

Throw a few talented 17 or 18 year-olds from Liverpool together and you get The Night Café. If you are recognizing what you're hearing but not the name attached to it, it's probably because you heard the previous single entitled "Growing Up", which was released under CANVAS, their former moniker. 

Officially moving forward as The Night Café, "Addicted" is their most recent single that is a masterful mix of indie-pop and indie-rock, in the simplest form possible. This may sound like a downfall, but in reality, this minimalist approach to the amalgamation of said genres is working in their favor. Traditional love-oriented lyrics are present (i.e. "I'm addicted to you, and you know it") but aren't transcended by the instrumentation; "Addicted" is a well balanced machine. 

[soundcloud url="https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/225197864"]

Indie · Pop · Post-Rock


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