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Grey Sweatpants gets sweaty in the "Bathroom by the Auditorium"

If you don't know Grey Sweatpants and you're a fan of hip hop, a) you've been seriously slacking and b) man, you're in for a great time for the next couple of minutes. The mysterious collective is largely put together by Chachi, who's written songs that ponder everything from the existential crisis facing hot cheetos, to police violence to writing songs with a nod to Outkast. Meshing out-there high-deas with brutal reality, Grey Sweatpants has us laughing in a smoky room while staring down the barrel that is real life. 

Today we've got "Bathroom By the Auditorium" and the track is pure fire. Produced by Chuck Inglish, the young Chachi brings teenage hormones into the dirty world of privacy in a bathroom stall with a beat that has its hands dipped in both the music of the past and present and already a timeless track upon first listen. 

Check it out below. 

Hip-Hop · Rap


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