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Danny Seth's 'Perception' album is the reflective narrative you need to hear

It was almost a year ago that I met the incredible personality that is Danny Seth (Read interview here). Sitting in the studio, listening to the new music he was working on, I was floored. The heart he poured into this personal project was palpable. The maturity he achieved in his artistic voice and vision was startlingly impressive.

Finally, that journey has come to a close for the ambitious young UK rapper. Today, he shares his free 17-track album, Perception, with the world. Stream the whole project on The FADER now, and you can download it later this evening on livemixtapes here

To brief us, Seth explains on his instagram

"Words can't even describe what I'm feeling right now, more importantly how you guys have been supporting me and my vision throughout these years, all I can pray for is that you know will be able to see my vision and hear my story, non of this would have been possible without my amazing team @jesse_ack @yoskarie @zachnahome @mdskillinit they helped me mold my thoughts into reality, 

I hope that whatever perception you had of me will change, being white from London trying to make a name for myself in the States was the hardest thing to do, but with your help you gave me the strength to continue to do what I want and never listen to anything else

Please also take your time with this album, it's a lot to digest, from start to finish it is my story of coming to America, and repping my city till the end. @zachnahome @mdskillinit and I took the time to score the whole album as a one track which will also be available on my SOUNDCLOUD for stream and download

Again, thank you all so much, this is just the beginning 'I hope I adjusted your perception'


Perception_Front_Cover_copy_rj6tsr CPM1KxoWcAAWjDm


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