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A-Trak takes on new style with "We All Fall Down" featuring Jamie Lidell

Making his way to New York City by way of Montreal, producer and DJ A-Trak has won big accolades throughout his career, setting records, making records and scratching records since he became the youngest person ever to win the DMC World DJ Competition at age 11. Nowadays, he's notable for bringing that live DJ style to the forefront of the dance music industry, as well as being head honcho at his Fool's Gold Records, a label with close ties to both hip hop and electro house music. Ahead a summer full of his Gold Gone Wild Tour full of Fool's Gold Day Off parties, A-Trak released "Push," "Ibanez," both steps in a newer rock and pop-influenced exploration of music writing, but with the preview released today of his next track it's clear that he's taken another new approach to his production. 

With "We All Fall Down," A-Trak has enlisted the vocals from UK artist Jamie Lidell to lend his soulful voice over a backdrop of production that has a multitude of personality. Featuring sounds from everything from house to 2000's pop to tropical house, "We All Fall Down" is a force of melodies and uplifting flare. It's out via Fool's Gold Records on October 2nd.

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