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Autoerotique joins Armada Deep for the inspiring house track "Count On You" [Premiere]

Many a year have passed since first falling for Autoerotique's "Little Bit" remix, a track that became an anthem for many indie fans looking for some extra dance umph in their  playlists. Not too long after this the Canadian artist became synonymous with Dim Mak's boisterous electro house roster, putting out some of fans' longtime favorites, including "Turn Up The Volume", "Asphyxiation", and "Roll The Drums". As tides continue to ebb and flow, we have seen Autoerotique return to softer works in the overarching house genre, along with his most recent track "LYAOF" off Kaskade's Arkade label.

"Count On You" follows in these footsteps, matching the mellow moods that have become a hallmark of Armada Deep. Florence Welch's iconic lyrics from "You've Got The Love" come to the forefront of the glittering house anthem, which flourishes through classic piano chords and vibrant percussion lines.  To get some insight into Autoerotique's ever-evolving sound, read the interview below and enjoy the premiere right here before it drops September 21st

EARMILK: Over the last year we've seen you shift away from electro house toward stronger classic house vibes. Where did this come from?

Autoerotique: It’s tough to stay in one lane, I find it tedious to try and make the same thing over and over with little changes.

That's almost the definition of insanity now that I think of it.

EM: Were there any guiding influences while producing in a different genre or was it all learn as you go?

AE: My first exposure to dance music was a toned down slinky smooth mix by Groove Armada, I've been a student of the groove ever since.

Aside from that anything with the suffix "house" is relatable but not always interchangeable, so migrating back and forth between sub genres is usually pretty seamless, for some of us.

EM: You sample some of the most famous vocals of the 21st century, which can be risky. Why these lyrics?

AE: It's no surprise that most of the iconic dance/house tracks (90% of Daft Punk's discography!!) rely heavily on sampling, it's the same for just about any modern genre - look at rap for example!

The real question is why not sample even more... We should be sampling everything!!

EM: Finally, a general question - as a producer, what are your priorities?

AE: Be happy and keep yourself happy, everything else is secondary.

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