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Uner talks Spanish influence and his new live band before Burning Man [Interview]

Being ushered in by the likes of the Diynamic and Innervisions crews cemented Uner as one of the key members in a new Spanish movement of tech house that seems to only be growing. With releases on other influential labels such as Cadenza, 2020 Vision, Get Physical, Visionquest and more, it's no surprise to hear he'll be joining the Burning Man experience shortly for a set on the playa. We found out a little bit about another party destination closer to home for the Spanish born Uner, who had just finished up his set for Carl Cox's Music is Revolution at Space in Ibiza, and we get some insight into what it takes to develop a live show as he prepares for his debut of the full band. Enjoy his Boiler Room set from last year to get an idea of this guy's talent.
EARMILK: What are some of your early party memories, either as a DJ or as a fan?

Uner: My first memories are as a spectator. Although at an early age I also started as a DJ. I can perfectly remember my first Jean Michel Jarre concert. He started with a heartbeat and a guitar. It was in Barcelona in 1992 and was the first time I attended a concert of that size. 

EARMILK: How have you seen Ibiza transform over the years? What was your first experience there for you? 

Uner: Yes. Everything changes with time. More than change it's an evolution that adapts to the new generations and new fashions. The first time I stepped on the island was to play at Space in what is now the Sunset Terrace, except that at the time it was an after and I was playing until nearly 6pm with loads of the crowd in swimwear and an incredible atmosphere. Ushuaia wasn't around at the time. So as you can see, over the years it has changed to adapt to new legislation, tastes, etc ..

EARMILK: How did growing up in Spain influence your growth as a musician? 

Uner: Any place where you spend a lot of your time influences your music. And being born there even more. Spain for me has been an influence in terms of light in music. I haven't lived in a freezing climate, or with 340 days of clouds and rain, or in a country with wars lasting 100 years. In general, the spirit that you breathe in Spain is happy, the weather is incredible, geography has given us all kinds of beauty and the people are lovely. So that has influenced my life making me a positive person and walking away from sorrows, although I have experienced them, which has made me see music as a path towards smiles and not pale and sad faces, as well as shunning the arrogance of being the first, which we have never been. And that makes you even more natural because you don't need to prove anything. 

EARMILK: What sort of music do you listen to outside of electronic/club music? Name a few of our favourite songs at the moment

Uner: I've always listened to all kinds of music, from classical to rock. I think it's necessary to feed the ear and the spirit with different styles to be yourself. If I had to choose a piece, the first thing that comes to mind is "Divenire" by Ludovico Eunadi. I have it on my mobile phone, my tablet, and on my MP3 when I do sport ... It accompanies me everywhere. And if I had to tell you about a band, I'd recommend "TOOL". 

EARMILK: What is the inspiration or idea behind the Live band you play with? Do you prefer this over DJ sets?

Uner: When I started my first performances were live. From the age of 15 to 24, I only played live. It was at the age of 24 when I started mixing other people's vinyl music. And I felt the need to take all that up again and combine it with my DJ career. I want to play live with my peers, to feel the unique excitement and nerves of those performances. Rehearsing, composing together, touring with other people, making mistakes on stage... All those things you haven't done before, you can't understand them but they are what provide life. 

EARMILK: What synths and instruments are currently in the live setup?

Uner: In the live show we're working on with the band, there's everything. For my part I play the grand piano, moog and other virtual synths, as well as Maschine. We have 3 Gibson guitars, drums of course, and we want to add a bass and other instruments that will gradually appear. We're also preparing something special with classical instruments in which I will play only accompanied by them. So an interesting piece is in the cards. 

EARMILK: Do you produce mainly in the box on a computer or are you incorporating analog gear into your studio setup? Either way, what are some of your favourite plugins that might surprise someone, or what are your go-to synths, drum machines or effects hardware?

Uner: I work with all kinds of equipment. So as before I only worked with hardware, even without a computer, now I add everything that makes my workflow smooth and everything that allows me to do what I have in mind. Prophet, prophecy, Maschine, Tr8, the Komplete package, moog, Arp6000, etc. to name just a few. What's more, each year I like to reshuffle part of the team so as not to be tempted to resort to the same sounds and end up always sounding the same. 

EARMILK: How was your experience test driving the new Traktor controllers? Do you see this as a big step forward for DJing or is it just another gadget?

Uner: I've been a Traktor user since almost the beginning and I can tell you that the new systems are opening a new path, because with the new Stems feature you can get much closer to live than you could in the past. Up to now I always used Traktor and Ableton because you can play live bits during the DJ session. With the new systems and software with Stems and Remix Deck, I only tour with Traktor as it allows me to do what you used to need 2 platforms for. And in the very near future we'll definitely have more surprises. 

EARMILK: Looking back, what would you consider to be some of your breakthrough releases, and was there any one label or artist that helped give you that big break?

Uner: My first Ep as Uner, which was my first collaboration with Diynamic, was incredible. But Pallene (Cadenza) had a big knock-on effect in terms of popularity. So Sol (Visionquest) was the same type of effect but on the scene. And with the album came the ultimate change on an artistic level and I could show my most personal side. Now I've just released my Remix for Garnier, which has been a personal milestone and I'm sure the album with the live band will be another great tour and another major leap forward. I can't complain about anything :)

EARMILK: What releases can we look forward to coming up? Any exciting gigs on the horizon?

Uner: You have to pay attention not only to new releases but also new label. Here I leave a hint lol. And we'll keep on touring and doing gigs. Summer in Ibiza, tours, etc. But perhaps one of the most exciting ones will come in September. Burning Man :))

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