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Alpine’s “Foolish” remixed by ROCAsound [Premiere]

Aussie collective Alpine eased their way onto the scene three years ago with the release of their debut album that housed a handful of instantly catchy tracks. After climbing the Australian charts, Alpine embarked on tours with big names like Grouplove, and Empire of the Sun. In similar fashion to their debut, their sophomore release has been a resurgence for the band’s original sound. Since their new album, Yuck, was released last month their single “Foolish” has been making its rounds, ROCAsound providing stand out remix treatment.

Where the original version of “Foolish” keeps to Alpines succinct multi-layered vocals and smooth instrumental styles, ROCAsound’s mix shines in providing a danceable alternative. Built around its four-on-the-floor bass, ROCAsound’s remix lays soothing electronica over the dense foundation, allowing the Alpine vocals to sparingly carry the song forward. By the time the mix comes to a close, it is almost difficult to think back to the slow-burning original, as ROCAsound’s sped up interpretation is a perfect change up.


Festival · Indie · Premiere · Synth


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