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Veteran producer Big Fish joins Mad Decent for 'Midnight Express' [Premiere]

While many of us may think of Mad Decent as the home of electronic's youth, Diplo's jocular social media savvy unquestionably beefs up this rep, the imprint's most redeeming quality must be its commitment to freshness. No wonder then that visionary producer Big Fish joins the label for his forthcoming release, entitled Midnight Express. The award-winning Italian artist has spent over two decades honing his craft, taking his experience from the hip hop scene and blending it into the two-track house EP with "Don't Say You Love Me" and "Theron" .

Collaborating with Aquadrop for the first work, rounded synths overtake the track and bounce off playful vocals that make "Don't Say You Love Me" a fit in any classic house set. Right after this, "Theron" picks up the pace with a 132 BPM tempo, splicing highs with lows through a combination of blazing percussion and falling melody runs. 

Big Fish' Midnight Express drops today off Mad Decent, and you can purchase through any outlet right here.



Dance · Electronic · House · Premiere


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