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3 Monkeyzz jump "Into My Dream" with their new track featuring Louise Mambell [Premiere + Download]

The lads of French trio 3 Monkeyzz are no strangers to working with the lovely voice of Louise Mambell. Usually they’re taking their future funk style full force into a remix of one of her covers, but this time around Ben, Bastien, and Thomas team up with Louise for something a little more delicate and tender.

Right from the start of “Into My Dream,” you can tell by the uplifting piano chords and ethereal vocals that you’re in for a sweet little treat. Then the hip-swaying groove settles in and the whole track comes together.

Louise has this warm, comforting tone to her voice that really shines with the dreamy and sentimental production that 3 Monkeyzz bring for this track. It's not their norm, but a welcome change and a breath of fresh air. Enjoy this first taste of "Into My Dream" and check out all the free downloads that 3 Monkeyzz has to offer on SoundCloud.

3 Monkeyzz
"Into My Dream" feat. Louise Mambell 

Dance · Download · Exclusive · Indie Dance · Premiere


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