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KAI OD's unique style is the sound of "Tomorrow"

KAI OD is so unbelievably chill, I'm convinced he lives in an Antarctic ice fortress -- and invented the Otter Pop. The Bay Area emcee-instrumentalist-songwriter, who dropped his "Games" single last month, now treats us to another dense and esoteric record, entitled "Tomorrow."

On "Tomorrow," KAI once again flaunts his signature "ocean soul" steez, his mellow vocals soaked in atmospheric reverb and a touch of distortion. The mechanized, industrial beat -- produced by KAI as well -- exudes an I-Robot kinda feel, the perfect platform to speak on his refusal to be just another cookie cutter swag rapper conveyor-belting down the assembly line. This triumphant battle cry and the poignant messages scattered throughout the track are what make "Tomorrow" and every other KAI OD record a must-listen.

"Tomorrow" is the third and final single off KAI's upcoming album, TimeLapse, a project he's been writing and putting together for over a year. TimeLapse drops on August 28th, but be sure to pre-order via iTunes so you can peep game right when it hits the streets!

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