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Above & Beyond remix the classic Faithless track, "Salva Mea" featuring Dido

Faithless may have announced their retirement in 2009, but this month they are once again back on our radar. As one of the most iconic groups (and voices) in dance music's history, the rumors of Swedish dance superstar Avicii remixing the group came through, when he debuted his "Insomnia 2.0." 

And this month the London group is back on the map once again, this time with yet another internationally iconic and renowned group remixing one of their most famous hits. But it's a group whose history is just as long as Faithless themselves, British trance and progressive house trio Above & Beyond. They've taken on "Salva Mea," a track from the same 1995 album as "Insomnia."

If you're a fan of Above & Beyond, you might have heard this track in some of their live sets starting in late 2014. But it's not until now that it's been deemed official, where they have brought their big room, glittering and emotional production to the track. While the vocals from the original from Dido are missing, the guys of Above & Beyond have done this one right.

Dance · Electro House · Trance


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