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Timo Maas & James Teej deliver "Shadows Of Your Suns" [Premiere]

Quite often you will find that artists collaborate because they're from the same neck of the woods, it's a lot more convenient let's be honest. However, the fusion of Canada born, now Ecuador based James Teej and Berlin situated Timo Maas isn't about geographical location, but about a mutual understanding and an earnest passion for their art form. "Shadows Of Your Suns," their latest release on the Crosstown Rebels sub-label Rebellion, is an intelligently atmospheric tumble through the minds of the two talented creatives.

When you discover that field sampling at a Berlin market was implemented for shades of the track, you can't be all that surprised. From start to finish the record is an intricately woven, rich tapestry of sounds that combines contemporary electronica with carefully measured injections of slow burning techno. Disorientating pads, reminiscent of romancing satellite dishes, swirl around the listeners head whilst the dense kicks and intense scratches make sure you don't lose track of the dance floor. These are two guys with a real intrigue and thirst for production, you'll be able to purchase this sumptuous slice of their imagination from the 28th of August.



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