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Kid Cannibal's New EP 'Dusty Crates' Gets Better Everytime (FREE Download)

Kid Cannibal (best known for his American Zeppelin and Biggie Hendrix remix albums) released a new EP  called 'Dusty Crates'. Its the perfect track to blog, work, or browse too. Constantly filled with bright instrumentation, heavy kick drums and an organic groove.

Peep the first track bellow and download the entire EP through: www.thedustycrates.com 

The album consists of 11 tracks of soulful hip hop beats, mixed with both old and new school drum flavours. Despite it's dusty origins, the EP offers sounds for a variety of styles from sample based symphonies to the to banging basslines. Cannibal, who has also produced tracks for MTV and Saturday Night Live

Kid Cannibal on Soundcloud

Kid Cannibal on Facebook

Kid Cannibal on Twitter



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