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Daktyl remixes VYD's "Hot Water" [Premiere]

While it may be typical to find a duo of apparent surfers trying to make their break into the rock scene, Southern California natives VYD are anything but typical in performing their own version of mellow indie RnB. While they have only maintained an online presence as VYD for just over a year, they have since relocated to Brooklyn and have also released their debut EP. With a clear sign of development in their run, their Retrograde EP finds the duo in the midst of coming in to their own sound, filled with complex and to-the-point styles. A song off of the EP even caught the attention of the hyped electronic producer/artist Daktyl, who has remixed "Hot Water".

Filled with the weightless and effortless flow that we have come to expect from Daktyl, his remix of "Hot Water" highlights the vocals and evolving experimental style. Through its run of just over 3 minutes, Daktyl is able to fully transform the VYD original into a song that takes on an entirely different mood and tone. So, leave it to both Daktyl and VYD for coming together to provide a stand out track.

Also, be sure to check out the original.




Downtempo · Experimental · Indie · Premiere · Synth


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6 years ago

@VYDMusic @daktylmusic thanks! Sounds awesome!