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Matt Lange debuts new mau5trap project with "My Love Aside"

We have grown to know LA's Matt Lange for the depth that he brings to his music. Whether it's deep house or electronica, his releases on labels like Anjunadeep have built up his resume leading up to a moment a few months ago when his latest career accomplishment was announced: getting signed to mau5trap. After being hand-selected by deadmau5 himself to join the label, Lange quickly announced that he would be releasing his first artist album via the label later this year. And this week, we've got a taste of what the album will be like from its lead single "My Love Aside." 

A commenter on Soundcloud best describes this song, asking "How do you make such a sad subject so blissful?" "My Love Aside" is a floating endeavor into futuristic, progressive techno, ebbing and flowing to build a product that is emotional through impressive minimalism. The simplicity in the track is from the careful use of synths, not overcrowding them production, yet still creating something that has a greatly complicated effect on its listener.

Matt Lange
"My Love Aside"

Dance · Electro · Techno


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