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Luke Solomon's "That New Thing" never gets old [Premiere]

They say if you're not moving forward then you're moving backwards, and over the years we've seen many artists completely abandon their signature sounds in favour of relevance. Luke Solomon however, is an artist who has always, and will always, stay true to his deep roots within the UK house scene. "That New Thing," his latest release on VIVa Music, is a nostalgia riddled affair that will leave you yearning for a trip back to the 90s. 

The vivacious record opens with a groove heavy bass line that carries the euphoric mood throughout the track. House and funk collide head on to leave dizzy synth keys sparkling overhead before that classic 90's acid sound injects the track with the healthy dose of 'ecstasy' demanded by the hypnotic vocal. The production tips its hat to a number of sounds we don't hear enough of in modern dance music and reminds us why artists such as himself and previous label partner Derrick Carter are still so widely appreciated. You'll be able to purchase the entire forthcoming EP from August 21st.



Luke Solomon

That New Thing

  • VIVa Music
  • 21/08/2015


Deep House · House · Reviews


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