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Kafka Tamura release "Bruises" [Premiere]

Could it be that all it takes is an enthralling voice to truly set a band's sound over the edge? While that is far from the only component necessary for a successful music collective, it does give you a center point to build off of. Carefully navigating around new ways to subtly highlight 18 year old singer Emma Dawkins' vocals, Kafka Tamura is supported by the mellow and evolving backgrounds of two Berlin-based minimal pop producers. Once unifying their unique styles, Kafka Tamura are able to shed light on the lighter elements in emotional pop.

Having shown promising signs of progression through their 2 year run, Kafka Tamura have hit it home with "Bruises". As with the rest of their music, "Bruises" is focused on setting up Emma's vocals to carry the load, however her ability to draw out emotion without deviating from her distant approach is unmatched. All the while, the clever hook that the song revolves around creates a introspective, calming mood.

With their debut album due out on Friday, expect to hear a lot more from Kafka Tamura in the future.


Kafka Tamura

Nothing To Everyone

  • 100% Records
  • 08-14-2015


Alternative · Exclusive · Indie · Premiere · Soft Rock


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