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Siwell reconstructs Donna Summer in latest track "I Feel"

It’s not shocking that Siwell made his latest track, “I Feel” the way he did. Growing up in Rome, the Italian born and bred producer fell in love with music at a young age, later becoming engrossed in the more technical pieces of making music like using sequencers, keyboards and midis to make his art. This week he’s joined Sphera Records on “I Feel,” which breaks down and builds back up the original, familiar and nostalgic instrumental from Donna Summer's “I Feel Love.” The original, an integral disco hit that is still engrained in our musical vocabulary, had a simple, subtle, steady synth line, and Siwell has amped that up with modern day synthesizers. His work on “I Feel” makes us fall in love with the track again, realizing that the energy he’s added to its technical awe is something that was missing.


"I Feel"
Sphera Records

Dance · Electronic


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