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Satchmode release dream pop record "Never Gonna Take You Back"

Los Angeles-based dream pop duo Satchmode are currently representing a broad range of musical expertise, dabbling in everything from folk and bluegrass outfits to jazz combos to noise rock and funk bands, over the past few years. And while that might seem like a mouthful, these guys have created their own unique sound by pulling from the various genres and influences.

On their latest track "Never Gonna Take You Back", the guys head into a dream pop dance direction. Remarking, "This is by far the biggest, danciest track we've done yet, but it's still a song about heartbreak. It's about struggling with how much you love someone even after she's wronged you too many times and you both know the relationship is beyond saving. Eventually you reach the realization that even though you're not over her, you're not going to give her another chance." The track comes off their second EP 'Afterglow' and will be released in August 2015. Give it a spin below.

Dreampop · Nu-disco · Pop


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