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Cerulean City make "Sensual Seduction" for the modern day dance floor [Premiere]

The year is 2007, the track is "Sexual Eruption" better known as, "Sensual Seduction," and the artist is Snoop Dogg (when he was still going by that). It was his ninth studio album and also during the heyday of the autotune. Shoot to the present moment, DC-based production and DJ duo Cerulean City are breathing new life into their predecessor, crafting a remix for the modern day dance floor. Demonstrating the pairs love for house and pop music, the twosome lay out the prefect breezy melody for Snoop to lay down his provocative lyrics over. We can expect alot more for the pair during the rest of the year, but in the meantime peep the new remix below.

Dance · Deep House · House


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