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Jean-Michel Jarre unveils details behind "Stardust" with Armin van Buuren

Ahead of his big performance at Tomorrowland's main stage, Armin van Buuren gave a heads up that he would be premiering something special during his show. Since then, we've learened that it was the debut of a collaboration with electronic music legend Jean-Michel Jarre. Entitled "Stardust," the single comes ahead of the first album release from Jarre since 2007, entitled Project-E and due out October 16th via Ultra Music.
Jarre has been involved in music since the 1970s, sticking with electronic music through its nascence and becoming an integral part in its growth in popularity in the following decades. Van Buuren, a long-time fan of Jarre, joins in his collaboration on "Stardust" along with other artists on Project-E including M83, Tangerine Dream and Gesaffelstein.
Taking working with one of his all-time inspirations as no light matter, van Buuren makes it clear that he wanted to keep Jarre's sound in tact throughout the collaboration. And with Jarre's respect for van Buuren's immense impact on trance, the intent worked vice versa as well, all of which both artists explain through their work on "Stardust" in a video that details the song's premiere and making-of.
 "Stardust" is a beautiful and intense melodic composition that journeys through trance and its roots, as Jarre intended. As a composer before producer, Jarre's talent comes through, and both his and Armin van Buuren's stylistic points of view are clear.
Check it out below and pre-order Project-E here.


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