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King Chain is "Losing Soul" but we're loving this new one [Premiere]

King Chain is admittedly a new project for LA transplant Keen Chen, but things seem to be going to a great start if his latest track "Losing Soul" is of any indication. While I'm personally not a huge fan of intense build-ups and those notorious "drops," this track certainly makes use of it as the tool it was supposed to be, and not just another moment to turn up. 

"Losing Soul" is beautiful and meshes between the fine line of festival worthy dance and trap influences, reminding of the more beautiful moments in a set by the likes of RL Grime. If you're still feeling nostalgia for that last festival you attended, this one will be the perfect track you can listen to at work without wanting to ditch work entirely. 

Check it out below. 

KING CHAIN Press Photo 1


Electronic · Post-dubstep · Premiere


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