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Animals avenge Cecil the Lion's death with "Apex Predator" [Download]

I hate to admit it, but truth be told I've been pacing back and forth all day thinking of a proper way to pay my respects to the late homie, Cecil the Lion. Then, the proverbial light bulb switched on and I thought, "Hmmm...why not check out the latest cut from Animals?" So I did, and it was ridiculously fresh, and you should too, so you can experience said freshness. PEEPETH:

If the thunderous chorus and barbaric bars from "Apex Predator" sound familiar, you might have heard Animals previously when EARMILK covered their self-titled debut project last month. And while this track didn't make the final cut on that record, the unruly bunch -- Steve Spiffler, Feekee, K.I.T., DeeGrey -- pack more than enough bark and bite to give your eardrums jungle fever. Furthermore, the tweeter-rattling production from Flip the Soul Fisher is an apropos backdrop for each rhymer to showcase their distinctive but equally fierce skills on the m-i-c. 

While Animals are busy rocking gigs and cooking up their next carnivorous concoction, be sure to check out their debut album, below. These dudes aren't playing games, and if I was a certain Minnesotan dentist, I'd be shaking in my scrubs.


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