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Toboggan reveals his 'Vouvoyer' EP featuring Rowan Spencer [Exclusive]

Toboggan is an upcoming Montreal musician who is marking his way with a unique sound. His new EP titled Vouvoyer is officially out on July 31st via Rarebeef Records. The five track EP features memorizing vocals from Rowan Spencer on two collaborations. Toboggan feels his inspiration comes from Archie Pelago in particular, but is also influenced from fellow peers. The long lasting sensation from his latest EP is a collective mix of moods and energy.  EARMILK has the first official listen of the whole EP so treat your eyes and ears below. 

"Vouvoyer" acts as the EP opener by attracting the listener with a mysterious melody and vocal samples. There is no real or distinct pattern present, but instead becomes a complexly composed song with several alternations in tempo. The self-titled EP single is solely for pure pleasure and interest in what is to follow.

"Save Me" is easily one of the highlights throughout the whole EP because of the lovely vocals courtesy of Rowan Spencer. The track is elegantly produced and layered softly to build up beside Rowan's occasional component. There is a light drum pattern scattered along the structure that provides a back bone to Toboggan's work.  

"Seafarer" starts off where "Save Me" left off using a light drum introduction to build suspense. The melody mingles back and forth between the eerie mood and Toboggan's beat stance. The track moves with a slow speed and only finishes on a softer ending.    

Rowan Spencer makes his second vocal statement on the track titled "Tom". The meaningful and darker lyrics construct an oddly uplifting mood that seems somewhat deceivingly delightful. Toboggan creates his usual scattered soundscape of broken synths, which add to the overall flow of "Tom".   

"Coward" is the final remark on Toboggan's "Vouvoyer" EP and appears to be the most electronic track from the whole project. The minimal amount of complexity and repetitious rhythm combined together create a seamlessly solid song that never looses its drive. "Coward" maybe the last leg of the EP, but in no ways shows any cowardly tendencies in its composition.

The whole EP acts as an elegantly shifting sound, taking the listener from one mood to the next. Toboggan and Rowan Spencer manage to work impressively well together mixing a soothing vocal alongside an ambient melody. There is hardly any tension throughout all of Vouvoyer, as this EP is more on the gentle side. I give Vouvoyer a score of 9/10 because of Toboggan's unique blend of music. 

Toboggan-Vouvoyer EP Cover


Vouvoyer EP

  • Rarebeef Records
  • July 31, 2015



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