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Abrax Phaeton and Con Kōan have been "Cursed Since the 1st" [Premiere + Download]

Abrax Phaeton wears his heart on his sleeve.  Much like Slug of Atmosphere, the Philadelphia-area rapper isn't interested in the larger-than-life boasting that dominates hip-hop; his self-image is far from perfect, and being a rapper is his escape, not some description of his fame or status.  Yes, a lot of rappers do hint at the nihilism behind every club, one night stand, and expensive watch, but Abrax Phaeton is one of the few who's willing to truly stare it in the face without flinching.  His tricky, syllable-stuffed lines never require a word of exaggeration, making him one of the last of a dying breed.

"Cursed Since the 1st," featuring production and vocal assistance from Con Kōan, is one of Abrax's strongest tracks ever.  Overtop his own finely-tuned production, he tears himself apart for the way he views women, saying "my love is no good and I'll always leave you hurt, I'll treat you as a diamond then leave you as dirt."  There's no hope for change, though; despite the fact that Abrax sees his problems with 20/20 vision, he can't seem to find his way out of the vicious cycle.  This kind of brutal honesty is what made Kanye West's Dark Twisted Fantasy era so interesting; it's the polar opposite of the way most rappers just laugh their issues off as if they're a joke.  Abrax Phaeton continues to make his case for being one of the great new storytellers of modern hip-hop tragedy.  His first full-length record, In the Middle will see release in the fall, and will feature an ongoing collaboration with Rob Cleveland and Madison Rumpf of Con Kōan.

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Abrax Phaeton

"Cursed Since the 1st" ft. Con Kōan [Premiere]

  • 'In the Middle' out Fall 2015


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