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Kins unleash new wildly haunting video for "Young" [Premiere]

We can all remember when London/Stockholm-based Kins resurfaced just a few months back with the announcement of their Cyclical EP (which just dropped on July 6/15 via East City Records). Alongside that announcement came "Young", arguably Kins' best-received single to-date. 

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Today, the foursome consisting of vocalist/guitarist Thomas Savage, bassist Rob Walters, guitartist/keyboardist Alex Crosby and drummer Alex Knight have something else up their sleeve for us fans: a wildly creative and disorienting music video that most definitely doesn't colour within the lines.

The concept and execution of the video itself is strangely beautiful. It features Thomas Savage through several filters and formats via VHS, as well as bits and pieces of footage taken from their 2014 US tour. It's distended, dark, and mildly uncomfortable to watch, but unapologetically taps into the eerie alt-pop world that is Kins.

Alex Knight had a few words to say on the piece:

"I always used to enjoy watching the chaos of one tape recording being eaten up by another, like how a recording your dad made of the MotoGP would start to flicker and stagger and end up drowned by a wave of noise out of which emerged an episode of Biker Mice From Mars or something. In the case of the "Young" video, the footage of Thom's facial contortions was taped over a previous music video idea we had, a classic 'indie band on tour in the USA'  kind of thing which you can spot coming and going throughout the video."
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