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NuAlias wants us to "Feel This" new dark & groovy track [Exclusive Download]

Featuring the dark twist that listeners have been accustomed to, Toronto duo NuAlias deliver another classic house anthem with their new single "Feel This". They have created a brooding throwback to the 2001 Aaliyah song “Rock The Boat”, which is sampled throughout, as they also blend influences from both the old and new into something distinctly unique.

The R&B singer’s vocals come in with an air of mystery, eventually sitting on top of a 4/4 beat that transforms throughout the song into a powerful climax. The textures and attention to detail come together to deliver an authentic soundtrack, which shows the quality that NuAlias is becoming known for in the dance music scene.

Click below for the stream of "Feel This" by " NuAlias. If you like the track, you can share it for a free download off Receiver for instant gratification.  

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