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Humans turn Young Empires' "The Gates" into moody minimal electronica [Premiere]


It's kind of nice when killer Canadian artists nod to fellow killer Canadian artists, which is exactly what Humans just did. Young Empires' stand-out single entitled "The Gates" has been refurbished by the Vancouver-based electro-pop duo to almost forget its roots in electro-rock entirely. Instead, the remix is eerie, downtempo, and driving, emitting minimal electronica via vocal intensity and energetic percussion. 

Thanks to Humans, this sonic departure is a breath of a more introspective perspective into what once was an uplifting anthem. 

FYI - both Young Empires and Humans are also currently on tour. Check out YE's dates in entirety here, and Humans' here

Ambient · Downtempo · Electronic · Indie · Minimal · Premiere


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