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Haleek Maul reflects on "Money God" [Video]

I’d like to bring your attention to a vigorous Barbadian rapper: Haleek Maul, who has been diligently putting together his upcoming Prince Midas mixtape. Maul gives us the first glimpse of the project, with the new song and video, “Money God,” produced by him and Shy Guy.

Maul is depicted alone in various settings, spitting dogmatically over a mesmerizing beat, allowing us to see the type of frenetic musings over life that occupies his mind. In a conversation with FADER, Maul explains:

This is me personifying excess and decadence while reflecting on the ills of the world that are consequential of these systems which perpetuate an ignorance to love and compassion in the spheres which they exist…No one wants to face the truth about the fact that every single human being is at the mercy of someone with more money or 'power' than them as long as they continue to live in a way that allows these things to exist. I don't believe I have the answers as yet but I am trying…

The outro features the legendary Saul Williams (who Maul spent this past spring touring with), reciting a few more discerning lines to stay with you: “You built an altar to your ego and then kneeled to it / We were killed for it / Photo ops with the families of the victims / We were killed for it.”


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