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The Making Of: Pierce Fulton remix of Life of Dillon's "Overload"

 It's so often that we as listeners come across a song and aren't sure how we feel about it. That was how my experience with Pierce Fulton's remix of Life Of Dillon's "Overload" started. I knew a few things: that I am consistently a fan of Fulton's work, never know what to expect from him and he usually works with original material he's a personal fan of before remixing it.

The final product of the Pierce Fulton remix of "Overload" was catchier on an immediate level than I anticipated, usually expecting to hear environmental complexities like "Kuaga." But my first assumption about the track was clearly wrong, as I took another listen and later watched the behind the scenes video of Fulton making his remix from scratch.

This "making-of" video isn't high quality production, but it doesn't need to be with the depth it adds to the track. Showing Fulton start out evaluating the original's opportunity with just his guitar, it's invigorating to see this move from start to finish, and from now on, will make listening to this one extra special.



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